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Acts of Sweetness Campaign

What started as an act of kindness, has turned into a pretty sweet business! For years, Bull City Confectionaires has delighted customers with deliciously moist and sweet mini bundts. While customers could place an order for delivery or pick up, the company hasn’t had a brick-and-mortar location to call home. This year, Bull City Confectionaires will be opening a physical location - a sweet oasis - for customers to come in, order cakes, and enjoy on site. We look forward to taking the next step in this sweet journey, but could use your help to make the store opening a success. 


Bull City Confectionaries began with an act of kindness, so we’re asking you to consider taking part in our acts of sweetness fundraiser. Who can you show your gratitude to through an act of kindness? Whether it is a teacher, a new graduate, a new student, friend or family member, each cake you purchase as an act of sweetness will prove to be doubly sweet as it will help provide much needed supplies for Bull City Confectionaries’ store opening.


With your contribution, Bull City Confectionaries hopes to purchase the following:

  • $250| Indoor and outdoor seating - GOAL MET

  • $750 | Shelving - GOAL MET

  • $1500| Register and reception desk 

  • $3000 | Technology and payment needs

  • $5,000 | Signage, packaging and labeling needs

  • $7,000 | Refrigerated display case

  • Dream Goal $25,000 | Sustaining needed expenses for a physical location!  

Help Us Achieve Sweet Success

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